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Our Story has been helping customers care for their home and animals across the nation with safe and proven pet products and home goods at amazing prices. Our goal is three-fold:

1. We offer CHOICE in our products and services, helping customers provide for their animals and home in the best way possible without breaking the bank.
2. We build COMMUNITY with customers, brands and manufacturers, connecting like-minded home, garden and pet lovers through inspiration, conversation, events and social activities.
3. We focus on CONSCIOUSNESS and honest business practices in everything we do, from handcrafted and local products to supply chain transparency + sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Increase the luxury of your home, well-being of your pets and the planet by inspiring pet-powered adventure through authentic brands, respect to our customers and excellent service.

Our Commitment

We maintain high standards of ethical sourcing, and we’re transparent about our business practices. For example, we only stock trusted brands that are safe for your home & pets. We follow strict protocol in researching and vetting any brand before an item is listed for sale. We want you to shop with peace in mind every time you make a purchase with us. Questions? Email [email protected] for help.