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Exo Terra Dripper Plant Large

Item: XPT2492
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Exo Terra Dripper Plant Large Description

The Exo-Terra Dripper Plant is a naturalistic accessory designed to meet the hydration needs of arboreal (tree-dwelling) reptiles and amphibians. The hanging leaves create a dripping motion that attracts reptiles' attention, encouraging healthy drinking activity as they forage.

  • Drip watering system for terrariums
  • Ideal for chameleons, amphibians and tree-dwelling reptiles
  • Provides continual cascading water droplets
  • Dripper Plant Large Dimensions: 4"L x 5.3"W x 21.6"H
  • Moving water encourages reptiles to drink

The Dripper Plant features realistic succulent and waxy leaves that let reptiles climb with ease. Installation is easy and a water pump and tubing are included. Installation: Place the pump inside a water reservoir (like a large water dish). Attach the water tube to the Dripper Plant. Position the Dripper Plant above the water reservoir to prevent spilling. Attach water tube to pump. Dry hands and connect to a power source. Use the tube valve to adjust the dripping speed.

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