K&H Kitty Sill - Double Stack EZ Window Mount


The K and H Kitty Still Double Stack EZ Window Mount takes the original Kitty Sill up a level. With steel frames and K and H's revolutionary giant Push'n'Turn suction cups, the incredible strength of this sleep-and-play shelf is perfect for any cat. The sill folds up in seconds to let window blinds, curtains and shades operate normally.

  • Giant Push'n'Turn suction cups provide incredible strength
  • Folds to allow use of window blinds, curtains and shades
  • Removable, washable cover

This patent-pending sill is truly unlike anything else on the market. Versatile, easy to use and unbelievably strong, it turns any window into a safe, comfortable spot for your cat to nap in seconds. The secret: giant Push'n'Turn suction cups that hold over 100 lbs - each! - but are still easy to remove for window cleaning.

The Double Stack Kitty Sill features a hole in the second level to facilitate easy movement for your cat. The perch's exclusive design allows it to fold up flush against the window, so curtains, shades and blinds can operate normally. The cover is removable for convenient washing. Includes comprehensive instructions for setup and care.

1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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