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Mammoth Pet Tire Biter II Dog Toy

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Mammoth Pet Tire Biter II Dog Toy Description

Mammoth TireBiter II Dog Toys prove that you can improve on a classic. Made from a new, advanced natural rubber formula that extends the lifespan of the toy, TireBiter II chews are designed to provide longer, tougher, more satisfying playtime than ever before.

  • Advanced natural rubber formula extends lifespan
  • Progressive chew system increases chew strength with size
  • Perfect for interactive play, tossing, tugging & more
  • Sourced, designed, developed & manufactured in the USA

Note: While TireBiter II toys are extremely durable, no dog toy is indestructible. Always supervise dogs during play and remove any broken-off pieces.

Tire Biter II Dog Toy Sizing:
Small: 3.75" Diameter
Medium: 5" Diameter
Large: 6" Diameter

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