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Pet Organics No Stress Spray for Cats

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Pet Organics No Stress Spray for Cats Description

Pet Organics No-Stress Cat Spray works to reduce stress and anxiety in your cat. This stress-related behavioral adi cat spray is specially formulated with simulated pheromones that mimic the naturally-occurring facial pheromones of cats and effectively put cats at ease while removing stress.

  • Natural anxiety relief with no harmful chemicals
  • Easy to use; just spray indoor pet area or vehicle to calm your pet
  • Reduces anxiety, scratching, unfriendliness and nervousness in cats

When sprayed in your cats environment, No-Stress makes cats feel secure and less anxious and in turn, less likely to bite, scratch, hiss or be unfriendly. This spray is completely safe for you cats and any fabrics or carpet. Keep your cat calm, happy and healthy with No-Stress Cat Spray!

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