Petmate Programmable Portion Right Pet Feeder


The Petmate Portion Right Programmable Food Dispenser is an electronic feeder that delivers precise portions on a regular schedule, even when you're away. This simple feeder eliminates the chores of scooping and measuring, saving you time while your pets still get all the food they need.

  • Provides precise, portion-controlled meals for pets
  • Incredibly easy to program and maintain
  • Keeps pets fed whether you're home or not
  • Battery powered

Programming is incredibly simple, with just 3 buttons and a large LCD screen that guides you through the entire process. A built-in meal counter makes it easy to ensure your pet's are not being over- or underfed. The transparent food hopper lets you keep an eye on food levels at all times. The feeding bowl is removable dishwasher-safe (top shelf only).

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